Prayers and Struggles

There is more than the Lordís Prayer to reference in the Bible. These biblical references help build awareness of the answers God provides us regarding our emotion-based questions of prayer. Some of these questions I would ask myself develop from how I feel about my prayers and question Godís presence in my life. Some of these questions that I periodically have and must remember Godís responses He provides are below:

Should I pray for prayers?

Does God really hear my prayers?

How should I address and acknowledge God when praying?

What should be my prayersí requests?

Do others struggle the same as I do when praying?

Do others lose focus while in prayer?

Do their minds wander like mine during prayers?

Are there other passages that can answer my questions other than the Lordís Prayer?

These questions and more often are personal thoughts and emotional feelings for me that surface periodically through the chaos and great times that life brings. This book seeks out some of the biblical answers to my various questions that surface in my continuous Christian walk in which I have much more to learn.

This book contains the various biblical passages that offer some comfort and awareness that God does in fact hear our prayers. He will always be with us. He is always patiently waiting for us to reach out to Him with everything we have in our hearts. Building awareness of Godís guidelines on prayer beyond the Lordís Prayer has been a blessing to me. I pray that this book offers comfort that God is with us. He takes care of us though many times we do not realize it. I pray that this book will prove support to all readers in building prayer and awareness of Godís presence from a few of the scriptures that support prayer.

--Dawn Counts