Prosperity through Living Active Faith

Prosperity through Living Active Faith is an eye-opener, a brainstorming, and heart calling book to every soul-seeking personal who seeks, wishes to know, and explores life challenges, empowerment, self-growth, and transformation to reach prosperity through practically living faith and implementing the private supervision of God in our lives. This book is intended for you to give you a direction, a new point of view, tools, and a road map that will be useful for your own private life.

Have you ever arrived at a point in your life when you have done everything possible offered by the human mind, yet you never seem to find the peace in your heart, the balance in your life, and the love you want to experience all around you?

Life seems to be a mystery you have tried to solve so many times, yet this puzzle never seems to be solved. The cry of your soul is yelling louder and louder. Some days, the hope seems to have vanished, and you cry so hard for Him to listen.

This book is intended for you, the reader, to actively engage with, experience, feel, and become excited by the stories and experiences we will share about life, love, hope, prosperity, faith, and God. The stories we share in this book are intended for you to connect with, feel and find your own dialogue in your own private life with God.

This book is being written from both an emotional and a believing state of mind, meaning that we have chosen life experiences that tell you about success, faith and actively engaging in faith, but, from an emotional standpoint, the feeling of the heart was involved in these experiences.

The truth can be viewed in many ways once you observe it from your mind, especially if you try to rationalize everything. But there is nothing to compare to the truth the heart feels because the heart knows in a simple and clear way what the truth is.

We hope these experiences touch your heart, influence and inspire, empower and strengthen you to hold onto hope, trust, and belief and to actively believe in God as a Father, a friend who is actively interested and engaged in your life, for your own success and prosperity.

Join us for a once in a lifetime journey.

--Dr. Shirli Regev and Dr. Gil Tivon