PURSUE Jesus, OBEY Jesus, LIVE for Jesus

Author Ann L. Knopp blesses her readers with this fresh look at what it means to pursue Jesus, obey Jesus, and live for Jesus. In this book, she guides her readers to break down a phrase or word each week, exploring the decisions of biblical characters and how we, as people of God, can relate to them in our decisions.

PURSUE (Purposefully Understanding our Risen Savior Until Eternity) takes you into the lives of biblical characters who understood the purpose that God had given them to live. The reader also gets to know characters that walked alongside Jesus after His resurrection.

OBEY takes the reader into the lives of biblical characters that were obedient believers, bad decision makers, and those that showed the evidence of obedience within their lives. On the last week, the reader gets to know the author’s favorite character in-depth (Jehoshaphat) to see how his life can correlate with your own.

LIVE (Life in Various Experiences) breaks down the longest chapter in the Bible (Psalm 119) as it pertains to how the reader can use the Bible to live in whatever experience they may face in life.

Come join Ann in this wonderful journey as we pursue Jesus, obey Jesus, and live for Jesus daily!

--Ann L. Knopp