Qur'an, the Universal Message Guides Mankind to Ways of Peace and Safety

The Mujahidin (al-Qaeda and Taliban), yesteryear’s darlings who, by dismembering the Soviet Union, conferred a momentous favor on the United States and the West, are today’s terrorists (which now includes ISIS fighters). Is this volte-face a baptism of the remaking of the world order in the image of the West? Is the West provoking a clash of civilizations between the Christian and Islamic civilizations with the Christian churches in tandem, a crusade launched by President Bush, a born-again Christian sent by God on a special mission? In this ambiance of conflict, does the Biblical quote “Whoever is not with us is against us” gain currency as a battle cry? On the Muslim front and in response, Wahabism, a fundamentalist creed that has strayed from the straight path of Islam, is rapidly gaining strength and is operating under different names. Wahabism provides the ideological support to them. They are the ones who are gearing themselves up to take on the world. We are aware of their capability. Their activities also portend disaster for mankind.In this confrontational atmosphere, the writer seeks guidance from the Qur’an. Out of the myriad of aspects on which the Qur’an sheds light, sixteen aspects, relevant to the problems humanity, is facing are chosen. They are (1) the Qur’an, (2) divinity, (3) Muhammad (PBUH), (4) ilm (knowledge), (5) other faiths, (6) social justice, (7) women, (8) jihad, (9) terrorism, (10) justice, (11) history, (12) economics, (13) the genesis and evolution of man, (14) the environment, (15) the creation of the universes, and (16) free will and determinism are the aspects brought out in this book.In the process, the author explodes the myths wound by today’s Muslim mullahs (priests) about the status of women in Islam, Quranic philosophy of reward and punishment, Isra, the Night Journey of the Prophet of Islam, Gabriel, heaven and hell, the day of judgment, man’s final destiny, etc. The post-9/11 period saw a flooding of books with anti-Islamic contents. This book also attempts to project the real Islam, the universal and majestic message, which guides mankind to ways of peace and safety.To understand an important facet of today’s geopolitical reality and Islam’s guidance to mankind in these turbulent times, read this enlightening book.

--Syed Z. Ahmad

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