Rebound, Return, Restore

Rebound, Return, Restore reveals one of the most beautiful stories of redemption. Most people feel like they have gone too far for God to redeem them. Yet one of the oldest stories in the Bible shows us that this is not the case. If you feel like you could never bounce back from your past mistakes, like it’s too late to return to a right relationship with Christ, and He could never restore all that was lost, then this is the book for you! Don’t be bound by your past and don’t give up on your future. Come back to a place of hope found in Christ. You will find answers to questions like these: Have I gone too far? Does God love me? Can I come back to the place I once was? Will Christ redeem all that I lost? This book helps you to return to a place of peace and hope in Christ and empowers you to live a life that is no longer hindered by your mistakes or failures."Have you ever gone down a path that slowly but incrementally got worse and worse? Perhaps it was a business idea that required more and more investment, but never generated a profit. Or it could be someone you were dating longer than you should have before you realized he or she was not the one for you. It is a horrible feeling. It feels like you wasted time and energy only to end up going backwards. Well, that might very well be what you should do... Go backwards! Go back to the place God called you to be. There is no shame in turning around and turning your life around. The title of this book says it all: "Rebound, Return, Restore." Read it. Then start your journey back to God. Remember that a path that started out good but got worse and worse... is also the very same path that gets better and better on the trip back." - Nick Gromicko "Nick Gromicko, bestselling author, founder of Cozy Coats for Kids."This book is a profound way to look at the story of Ruth, Christianity, and life as a whole! Generally, when people preach about Ruth, that is exactly where they start ... they never talk about the back story of Naomi. The fact that she had a choice of the house of bread (life) or house of death! I thoroughly enjoyed the description of that choice. Secondly what truly blew me away was the description of the genealogy of Jesus, which Ruth became a part of. Every name is a prophetic picture of Christ’s sacrifice and victory through the cross and resurrection. I have always known that those names are important but have never been able to put them together! I truly believe that this one revelation in the book is like striking gold! You will love this book. It will encourage you if you are minister, backslidden or someone who has not made Jesus Christ your personal Savior! Enjoy the journey as God opens your eyes to who God has made you to be through this book! Philip Renner, Author and Worship Leader

--Jeremiah Sinsheimer