Recollections of a Troubled Mind

Recollections of a Troubled Mind is filled with imagination and people that will stay with you for a very long time. The author will take you inside his true story and will captivate you with his experiences of the pain and the fear of a child that was struggling to survive the physical abuse of his tyrannical father and the psychological trauma that was created by a distant and detached mother who could have saved him but was too afraid to protect him. Even though the author was afflicted with polio as a child, he was still subjected to years of physical abuse by a father filled with rage and resentment of the responsibilities of a family. Through his faith in God and his courage, the author broke the cycle of abuse and the curse of his childhood and became a successful author and loving father of four. Dear Wyatt, “Thank you for letting me be part of this process. It seems that your book was written especially for me. There were times that your words struck so close to home that the tears fell. Other times, I couldn't stop laughing! I hope you will keep me in the loop as you go through this journey” – Nancy Baylor The author will donate a portion of the proceeds of this publication to support various institutions that fund homeless shelters and teachers around the world who hold the very future of our children’s lives in their loving and dedicated hands.

--Wyatt Matthews