Reflections of Leadership: Tobacco, Magnolias, and a Cowboy

If readers are looking for a book chock-full of graphs, charts, and statistics about leadership, this book will not be for them. Instead, if one is looking for a book filled with real-life stories about leadership, then you are holding it in your hands. This book represents Davidís recollections of others who helped shape his personal views about leadership and how to influence others. Some of the lessons taught to David were painful, but they were enduring lessons that David continues to impart to others on a daily basis. You will read of some of his former high school and college teachers and classmates and how they altered Davidís way of thinking about leadership and personal motivation. His encounters with a former president and a former professional football quarterback will command the readerís attention. David has a unique ability to convey a personal story in such a way that readers are captivated, amused, and delighted. His preferred groups to address are law enforcement, educators, church groups, and those individuals who desire to become more effective and capable leaders. For further information and to learn how to secure David as a guest speaker, please contact

David P. Walden

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--David Walden