Relentless Redemption and the Groaning of Creation

This is a vibrant rendering from the personal perspective of a trauma and mental-illness survivor. Masterfully weaving together language to compose multilayered, surrealistic imagery that whisks the reader away into realms of philosophy, mythology, and metaphysics. A thirty-four-year-old woman gets lost in her mind and takes us with her to see what she sees and experience what she experiences. Supernatural reality takes precedence over natural normalcy for her. This is about how she thinks and envisions her way through the darkest spaces in her life at that time.Through her eyes, we see how she creates romantic mindscapes of beauty and intrigue to understand her alienated states of being in relation to the environment that surrounds her. That environment being an out-of-state jail. Gentle and fragile, yet strong in faith, she faces the darkness that she wandered into by disappearing in it until true daylight makes its way through the cracks of her soul and shatters illusion, flooding her with new light and life. This is her account of what it was like and what earthly and eternal lessons she learned from it over eight years of recovery time, healing, and reflection. From feet forward and eyes open, to mind airing out with pen to paper, she flips what her unseen enemies meant for her evil into her good and lasting growth.

--Carla Andrus