Remedies for the Heart

Remedies for the Heart is a compilation of heartfelt anecdotal stories. In this powerful book, Anitra L. Freeney shares how simple everyday events can translate into biblical healing for the heart thereby promoting spiritual growth.The stories she shares are stories of how God allowed her to see the spiritual significance behind what, at first glance, appears to be normal everyday occurrences. Bible-based and scripturally reinforced, Remedies for the Heart allows the reader to engage in a deep level of self-reflection.Using her life’s lessons, struggles with bipolar disorder, tragedies, and even victories, Anitra elaborates on how to lead a Christ-led and Bible-inspired life.As a reader engages in reading Remedies for the Heart, he or she will take the first step into recovering from a broken heart. This text allows the reader to open their hearts to the Lord enabling Him to mend the pieces and provide them with both restoration and renewal.As the title suggests, this book is therapeutic in nature, lending itself to be used for personal growth and development. Complete with space for reflection and prayer after each chapter, this book can be used in a group setting such as a book club or small group.

--Anitra Freeney