Revival in the Word: Devotional Journal: Twenty-Eight Days of Inspiring Insights That Will Keep You Motivated

Are you revived and bringing the word to life?Most of our homes and this world need revival. Revival is the works of our God. What’s holding you back from living out your purposeful life? Are you struggling with receiving and accepting God’s love wholeheartedly? Do you feel bounded? Each day in our lives, there is always a new challenge or struggle that most people aren’t comfortable with opening up and talking about.In today’s society, we are living in a world with many distractions that’s keeping us from living a revival, uplifting life in Jesus Christ. Social media has taken over many attention spans. Many marriages are falling apart. And depression, as well as anxiety, is becoming more real each day for most people. To change circumstances in your life and this world today, the change starts with you.In this devotional, the author Qwon’Taya Carlisle shares readings that will help you toheal from emotional and spiritual pains,journal to become free of your emotions and improve mental clarity,connect and become more intimate with God and self.This book offers powerful, inspiring messages that will strengthen and motivate your faith walk. Each day, it will help you release and heal from current or past pain. You may not have any at this moment, but it’s possible you might discover pain that you didn’t think was there.

--Qwon’Taya Carlisle