Rhymes of the Times

Have you ever wanted to explore stories in a world we weren’t able to witness? The adventure and the truth that this book brings is beyond compare. In this book, you will get to learn about twenty-six different individuals, all with completely miraculous stories. I encourage you to open your mind and understand what all truly happened in the days that Jesus Christ walked the earth.This is a starter book to influence adventuring into the Book of Life. Rhymes of the Times has many different inspirations such as Paul, Mariam, Noah, and many more. This book recognizes how these everyday humans put their mark on history. It displays their talents and their uniqueness, just as you and I are talented and unique.Rhymes of the Times was written for encouragement and motivation for your life, for you to explore your own talents and passions and lead you to understand what God’s will for your very own life is.

--Jessica Rose

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