Rising Son

Rising Son was written to encourage believers in their new-creation identity. Jesus is as sure and certain and powerful as the rising sun. He is actually more certain and wants us to be concrete in our new-creation identity. He gave Himself for us expressing the value system of heaven toward us. He shows us all through His Word how valuable and loved we are.

Rising Son touches on every book of the Holy Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the Father pours out His heart and reveals His true desires and destinies for each one of us.

This devotional is meant to help illuminate our identity in Christ and new-creation mindset. Religion is challenged, and the flesh is reminded of its status. It is my prayer that this devotional will cause the real Son, the bright and morning star, to rise to His proper place in our hearts. I pray that new revelation of the Father comes to everyone who reads this devotional. I pray that new and undeterred confidence builds and grows in all my brothers and sisters, and, of course, I also will continue to grow as the Son of God, Jesus Christ, rises in our hearts. Enjoy!

--Keith Murphy

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