Robby the Donkey: Shares His Family Christmas with His Friends

Hee-haw! Hee-haw!Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed if you were reading this, you understood donkey. Luckily, you don’t have to. Robby is a happy, carefree donkey living on a farm with his rowdy bunch of farm friends. There are the ponies Reese, Remi, and Bowie; the rumbling steers Ryan, Asher, and Maverick; the beautiful Collie, Ella; Wilbur the goose; and Gordy the pig. Robby retells the story of his great-grandfather Jako, who was the reliable donkey of Joseph of Nazareth and helped Mary by being her gallant escape donkey, and his long taxing journey, eventually meeting Baby Jesus. If you’re sick of reading this book to your children or grandchildren because it’s their favorite, just tell them you don’t speak donkey.

--Grandpa Jake