Scooter Squirrel: Adventures Through the Ten Commandments

Children can be godly examples. 2 Chronicles 34:1–2 tells us Josiah was only eight years old when he became king of Jerusalem. Scooter Squirrel, along with her two sisters, Ava and Katie, teach the Ten Commandments through different adventures. God gave Scooter and her sisters special powers to ensure His word is made plain, and everyone would know they are God’s mouthpieces. The first four commandments help us build a lasting relationship with God. The last six commandments help us build lasting relationships with others.God’s divine order for the family is Jesus, who leads and guides the husband; the husband, who protects and provides for the family; the wife, who lovingly takes care of the home and the children. In this day and time, it appears the divine order for most families are null and void. For this reason, some families are in chaos. Scooter Squirrel will teach children how to have a personal relationship with God, our family, and others. It is my prayer that as the children enjoy reading this book about the Ten Commandments they will share it with their family and friends The cycle of learning and teaching will repeat until the masses are reached, and we see the fruits of our children’s labor.

--Jo Pack