Shelby, My Little Lost Sheep

This children’s book was written for young children as a fun and entertaining book that uses easy and child-friendly vocabulary, along with colorful illustrations that will immediately fill the room with excitement and enjoyment. It also lends a spiritual touch of teaching Bible scriptures as it relates to real-life experiences. The story is about a little sheep named “Shelby,” who comes from a fun-loving family who has a strong Christian background. He lives on a farm among a herd of sheep. Shelby is taught about morals and values.

If we are not careful about our choices, we experience unwanted pains in life. As a result, when something unexpected happens, we seek God’s mercy to save us. So one day, Shelby is disobedient and decides to leave the farm without permission. What happens next will be a learning experience and a teachable lesson for him. His faith will be tested as well. To the loveable families out there, your hands are anxiously waiting to read this wonderful book to your precious loved ones. Sit back and grab a snack. With much love, enjoy!

--Lisa Jackson