Signs of the End: What Did Jesus Say About His Own Return and the Events That Point to It?

For decades, people have debated over the different views on the end times. Many Christians find the subject confusing, while others vow to avoid the discussion all together. With all the diverse perspectives out there, how can one come to a clearer understanding of the return of Christ?In Signs of the End, Steve Gill unpacks Jesus’s words to His disciples about the signs of His own return in Mark 13 (the Olivet Discourse). Though not claiming to have all the answers, this book will show that, through examination of Jesus’s teaching on the Mount of Olives, one can more effectively interpret the more challenging texts of the end times (books like Daniel and Revelation) in light of the clearer words provided by Jesus Christ Himself. This book will answer such questions as the following:How are we to understand the Olivet Discourse in relation to the tribulation?When Jesus talks about the temple, is He talking about the first-century temple or a future rebuilt temple?Does Jesus have anything to say about the rapture?How does the Millennium fit in with what Jesus teaches about His own return?How are we to live in light of Christ’s future coming?

--Steve Gill

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