Slaying the Marriage Dragons: A Biblical and Experiential Look at How to Deal with Issues in Marriage with Discussion Questions

Be prepared to slay your Marriage Dragons!

Anyone who is married, or is planning on being married, will one day encounter one of the Marriage Dragons named in this book. It is important for married couples to realize how a Marriage Dragon will attack you and your spouse.

By using basic principles based on Scripture, a Marriage Dragon can be defeated, and your marriage can be stronger and better than ever. You should never fear a Marriage Dragon as God is always walking ahead of you in your battle. He will lead the way for you!

If you are single, this book is for you too. By understanding how a Marriage Dragon attacks, you will have a better grasp on how to defeat them biblically once you enter into a marriage covenant.

Marriage Dragons can be devastating if they are not dealt with quickly. The longer they are left alone or ignored, the more damage can and will occur to your marriage. Some of this damage can take months, or possibly even longer, to repair what the dragon has done.

In each chapter, a different Marriage Dragon will be examined, so you will have an understanding of how to recognize them, defeat them, and have a stronger marriage. As each dragon acts and responds differently, learning to slay the different dragons will take prayer, faith, understanding, and, most importantly, a reliance on God to help you in your defense against any of these dragons.

Are you ready to defeat any of the Marriage Dragons that may be attacking your marriage? Are you ready to grab God's Word and the hand of your spouse, and head into battle? If so, read through this book and see how God wants you to win your fight!

--Russell J. Lamendola

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