Spices of Life: A Diverse Collection of Poetry

Spices of Life reflects on a poem that was written. It is a great pleasure to express beautiful thoughts in more ways than one. Merely regarding how you feel about someone or how much you are blessed, it gives an outlook on a variety of choices that one can endure in life to share a laugh or two, show an act of kindness, or just be a reason to brighten someone’s day. With life experiences and a carefree lifestyle, one can enjoy their hopes and dreams. The things you go through in life give you a different taste, and you have to believe in yourself and be the best you can be and know that you can improve your personal growth and self-improvement with each opportunity. Trust that your efforts will prevail in whatever you do. Live, laugh, and enjoy the spices of life. As long as you are happy at what you do, be appreciative and inspired.

--Jessie R. Burgess