Substance Abuse Symptoms and Highly Successful Proven Alleviation Strategies

Chemical dependency and its denial aspects are the heart and soul of one of, if not the greatest, horrific problems in our society, yesterday, today and probably many tomorrows to come! How do we deal with it? Well, the most popular world known strategies would be through the following: AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and even GA (Gambling Anonymous). The disease is incurable but arrestable using the aforementioned twelve-step programs. Well, guess what? After entering an advanced substance drug rehab program in the fall of 1985, I began to slowly realize and learn a better way (especially from a neurological standpoint) to get back on track (so to speak) and even formulated a Super 7-Step Program that works even better! I got it copyrighted through Washington, DC, and you really do need to read it and take it to heart. I won’t say all, but most MDs don’t even know this!

--Robert E. Bunyard, MS

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