Suicide, How to Cope When Someone You Love Has Taken Their Own Life

What do you do when someone you love has taken their own life? You have entered a whole new world that you did not choose to enter and where you feel confused and alone. This book not only will help guide survivors of suicide through the very difficult time of grief, but offers hope at a time that seems so hopeless. This book shows how to receive the help so greatly needed and how there can be victory in a time of unbelievable grief.

Give this book to any person going through this grief process and it will be a great help in traveling the path back to a fruitful and even happy life. Those who counsel suicide survivors will find the book a great help in understanding what the survivors are encountering and how they can be encouraged and helped. The author has also experienced the trauma of a loved one taking their life and offers much-needed guidance from a practical and positive point of view. There is hope and there is help.

--William Henry