Survival Tips for Living the Adventurous Life

Survival Tips for Living the Adventurous Life contains true-life accounts of an individual growing up through adventure after adventure, shortly after birth to retirement age. Whether from an airplane crash, a different aircraft almost losing an engine, and being upside down in various automobiles, the author lived through each adventure, learning more and more from his experiences. All provided here!

The tips are the culmination of a lifetime of adventures and how the author got through it all. From the “never agains” to the “yes, sign me up agains,” you see the what, where, how, and why an individual makes the choices we all face. While none of the adventures are recommended, each one contains a life lesson, perhaps a life lesson all can learn from.

Example by example, starting from being a baby through forty-plus years of marriage, you get to almost live each adventure with the author. Whether hanging from the seat belt upside down in an overturned vehicle to surviving a small airplane crash at night in the Tahoe area, all the areas that impacted the author’s life and how he made it through are detailed in a thrillingly fun read!

Circumstances that make you laugh out loud and some that may remind you of your childhood and adolescent times! The author winds you through life lessons learned from over sixty-five years of adventures. Whether willingly jumped into or dragged into by his peers, each adventure is documented, good or bad. Enjoy the read!

--Bill Brown