Taking Care of Angels Unaware

Amy Buggle has written more than a memoir, as this story includes spiritual guidance throughout in the form of scripture connected to the text. The book entitled Taking Care of Angels Unaware is the story of how God led Amy to start a ministry of thirty years, DLC Nurse & Learn, and how He continued to lead her through scripture in amazing ways.DLC is a childcare ministry for children with special needs. The inspiration of the book and ministry, being her own cousin, Tina, born in 1964 with Down syndrome. DLC was started in the Murray Hill United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, to support children with special needs and their families who often struggle with very little assistance from the community. As a special education teacher that started volunteering as a child, with this population, her heart broke for these families, and she felt something had to be done. This unique and inspirational program has grown and flourished beyond anything Amy could have imagined. The basis for the ministry ties back to Amy’s aunt and uncle who were devastated by the birth and early loss of their four-year-old daughter. Amy’s aunt even wrote her own story back in the sixties that is shared as an addendum. It shows how far we have come since then, yet how far we still have to go when it comes to attitudes toward individuals with developmental differences. The book is a shining example of how God can take tragedy and through life experiences of young people turn it into a force for good. Amy’s book shows how we are “set up” by God to do his work if we open our eyes and our hearts to the needs around us. Her line “We are all His hands and feet. We are all His love on Earth” says it all!

--Amy Buggle