Tales from The Book: Part 1

What might it have been like in the Garden of Eden? What might it have been like in Adam’s family after the fall? What was Moses thinking when he fell from the top of the world? What did Joseph’s eleven brothers have to say? What would a donkey have to say? Who is Mishael? What did Zacchaeus do after he climbed down from that tree? Why did Nicodemus come around at night? What happened on the road back from Emmaus?The Bible is full of regular people working out their everyday lives in the supernatural story of God. These fictional vignettes are based on the real people and their historically real situations. See how they wrestle through, pray through, work through their daily lives, not having our vantage point of knowing how their stories would turn out. See how God uses everyday people and weaves them into the greatest story ever told! God wants the willing. He equips the obedient. God wants your story grafted into His story. It’s his-tory!

--Kristina Chase