Tales of a Reluctant Shepherd

Tales of a Reluctant Shepherd is a fascinating look into the world of a real-life missionary working with orphaned, abandoned, abused, and disadvantaged children in Honduras and Mexico. These true stories bring the experiences to life exposing both the best and the most difficult of times. Some will have you laughing, and others will leave you weeping. Here’s an example: The cemetery was overgrown with weeds and high grass so we could not see where we were walking. Suddenly, people right in front of me started disappearing. Then the lady right in front of me disappeared. Before I realized it, I fell into an open grave right on top of the other three.I remember thinking as I pulled myself out. I have to remember how many went into the grave so I don’t pull out any extras!Tales of a Reluctant Shepherd is a great book for people thinking about missions or youth groups preparing for a mission trip.

--Rev. Dori Peterson Zubizarreta