Tales of the Tipsy Caregiver

So the cover picture is how our household scene was layout of house: our fur family, cozy love sofa, Dave’s computer cave, Mom’s comfy recliner, and my kitchen, a.k.a. crying/sipping station.

Cheers! In advance! Sip, sip. Have your favorite drink ready for this Tipsy Caregiver’s tale.

Dementia, a.k.a. the d-word, put all the sadness and heartbreak aside for a moment. Join the sippers club on this wine consultant’s crazy, funny, creative heartfelt journey in caring for her “warrior of love” Mama.

Read the crazy tale of one unique daughter’s journey into the unknown. Her mother taken over by the d-word. What could she do? What would you do? What outlandish journey awaited her?

Examine how to be the David defeating Goliath with a glass of red wine or two; why not? LOL.

See how this monumental event brought her personal growth and insight in her faith in God and herself.

Remember the patient / loved one needs us, so we must care for ourselves first. Even if a little sneaking out the door like a rebellious teen may be in order! Only a whole person can give their whole self. One’s cup of love has to be full in order to pour over and give the fullest care and love.

With only the help of God, she had to figure this one out on her own!

--Mechelle Bordeaux