Tending Your Own Garden: The Absolute Necessity of Personal Piety

While having private devotions in October 2018, I came across a verse in Song of Solomon 1:6. God’s Spirit spoke very powerfully to me on that day. Being a person who loves to be busy serving in ministry (i.e., tending others’ gardens), I had forgotten the importance of “tending my own garden,” (i.e., remembering the priority of personal piety, or holiness). I confessed my sin that day and am seeking to keep a guard over my soul. At the same time, I was praying about a topic for a pastors’ conference in South Africa in June 2019. The Holy Spirit confirmed that what was necessary in my life could be a challenge and blessing to other pastors. The night before I left to return to the USA, two of the pastors at that conference encouraged me to put the material in book form. Tending Your Own Garden is the fruit of their encouragement.

--Dr. Ed Fleming

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