The 95th Christmas

Dugger Coleman is the songwriter who gave the world "The Anniversary Carol" "" in 1949, it went to the top of the holiday charts! It was his only hit... and, unfortunately, he never made a dime from it. Now, at 94, he's lost the love he once had for Christmas. And he's abandoned his faith in God.

All he thinks about is how little money he has left, and how much he could've made if he'd only been luckier with the entrepreneurial ventures he tried over his many years. But Dugger's long business career has amounted to nothing more than one big, dismal disappointment.

When a mysterious fan offers him a fantastic business opportunity, Dugger's intrigued. Could this finally be it? His big chance? Could the promise be true: will he be a millionaire by Christmas? Or is this just another scam designed to bleed a poor old man's meager savings?

This will be the great business adventure of Dugger's life. He'll be enthralled, and then he'll be disenchanted. Voices will whisper to him urging surrender. Others will convince him to press on. He'll have to reconsider his relationships with everyone... from his few surviving relatives to his friends, old and new... and from the loveless dark side of himself to the very Christmas within him. Will his investment bring the return for which he hopes?

He won't know.

Not until The 95th Christmas.


"Reminiscent of A Christmas Carol"

* * * * * (out of five)

"...An amazing story... Surprises along the way and unexpected revelations, with an entirely satisfying ending... A very emotive read for which Michael Hume should be congratulated."

- Reader's Favorite

"The 95th Christmas is both a relaxing and rewarding read for the individual who is weary of the commercializing and mechanistic corruptions our world has imposed upon the reality of Life's Spiritual Nature and Character..."

- Rev. John S. McCahan


Michael Hume is a freelance writer, singer, and songwriter, and serves as regional director for The Original Dickens Carolers. He lives in Colorado with his wonderful and patient wife, Kathryn, and their beloved dog, Holly.

--Michael Hume