The Adventures of Little Eli in Cuba

Imagination can lead to a gateway of imaginary worlds of adventure and fantasy especially for Little Eli. Little Eli is a wonderful highly-spirited spiritual little boy who was born with a physical condition, cerebral palsy, that has restricted him to a lifetime in a wheelchair. He does not have the ability to go out and make friends and play with the other little kids in the neighborhood or do any of the other things that kids his age would normally do, although he does not let this sway his faith or stop him from enjoying his life to the fullest. He is a very positive, fun-loving and energetic little boy who has figured out a way to create his own fun and entertain himself by escaping off into his own imaginary worlds filled with fantasy and adventures.

With each adventure Little Eli will go on amazing journeys to different places far from his home. During his different adventures, he will spend the entire day traveling around meeting new friends who will often help guide him along a sacred path back to a spiritual gateway, which he must use after each journey to return home in time for dinner because he does not want his parents to worry.

Having love and faith can be wonderful, and Little Eli is a courageous and inspirational little boy who has a tremendous amount of both.

--Gary D. Rhodes