The Adventures of the Cactus Kids and Friends: Book One: Rodeo Day

The Adventures of the Cactus Kids: Rodeo Day tells the exciting story of two sisters who live on a ranch in Texas with their parents, ponies, and dog, Buster. The girls have looked forward for a whole year to the annual junior rodeo in a nearby town, but things take a sad turn when Dusty Rae's pony, Harley, gets a thorn in his hoof and cannot go. Dusty's sister, Jamie Kay, offers to let Dusty share her pony, Scout. They will both use Scout in the rodeo. So, the family is off to a day of fun and adventure as the girls compete in the rodeo to win prizes in events like the "wild wool riding," "goat ribbon pull," "pole bending," and more. Saddle up, and join the fun as the girls race through the events and learn some things are even more important than winning.

--Janis Blackwell