The Artistry of an Artist, Lorenzo Green: Just in Time for the Hair Salon Guest

Why did I write this book? The number one reason I wrote it is because of the love I have for the business. This is a business that I wake up to as I wait for the alarm to go off. It’s a business that I dream about while sleeping. It’s a business that I wake up to throughout the night with thoughts and ideas of how to make it better. It’s a business where I envision styles, cuts, and color. It’s a business that has never been “work” for me but rather a joy, a happiness, and a feeling that I’ve pleased someone.

My book is also about serving customers. It’s always about customers––before, during, and after service. The perception of success of such interaction is dependent on employees who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest. This is why good customer service typically means providing timely, attentive, upbeat service to a customer and making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the company or business.

I started writing this book nineteen years ago, and eight years ago, I gave it my subtitle: “Just in Time for the Hair Salon Guest.” My book is also about my son, who is physically challenged, and my two daughters. You should value your guests over anything else. Respond to them quickly and efficiently. You need to communicate with the guests with empathy and understanding. Always prepare for tomorrow because it is coming. What will you be doing when it gets here?

--Lorenzo Louis Green