The Backyard Gang: A Collection of Stories, Vol. 1

Real pets and animals from the backyard of the author created The Backyard Gang. Super Trooper was a real dog that was huge and possessed beautiful white fur. The author saved him from the local SPCA. Al the Cat with No Tail was the author’s cat. He was found in the author’s backyard during a family barbecue. The remaining animals of The Backyard Gang were actual animals that lived in the author’s backyard.

The unusual animals of The Backyard Gang gave the author the idea that children can learn to love one another through the love of animals. All animals in The Backyard are different and have unique characteristics that make each one of them special. The same should apply to how boys and girls treat one another. Understanding and respect for one another is important for one’s happiness.

The goal of The Backyard Gang stories is to teach happiness, laughter, and respect for others. All children should possess happiness and shouldn’t be bullied or pressured by their peers because of differences.

--Carol Eriksen