The Blessed Bunny: An Easter Story

The world has so commercialized our Christian holidays that it is easy to lose sight of their true meaning and not realize the subtle shifting of our focus away from Jesus and onto stuff.

The Blessed Bunny is a story about a real bunny that was taken from a pet shop and put for sale in a store alongside many other Easter sale items such as baskets, candy, eggs, toys, and more, which the bunny does not understand the purpose for. But when a mom buys the bunny for her little girl, he hears the clerk refer to him as an Easter bunny, which leads him to believe that all the fun things he observed from his cage are what Easter is all about.

He then is taken away and ends up at an outside church service where he hears a pastor preaching about a man named Jesus Who came to save people from their sins. As he listens to the sermon, he begins to understand the true meaning of Easter.

This story is an attempt to re-center the focus of Easter back on Jesus Christ, being born again, and making the decision to follow Him as we ask Him into our hearts.

--Renee Jensen