The BOD3Y of Christ as God Intended: Being Out-There By Design, Developing, Disciples Including Your(Self)

“Guys, come on. There is work to do, and I need your help!” Just like the popular wristband “What would Jesus do?” we must ask ourselves the same question.Let’s make disciples. The BOD3Y is my personal story to true freedom. My real-life experiences are laid out here to assist with personal liberation as God intended.Enjoy!—Kim WoodsLife with faith in something bigger than yourself can yield great rewards. We have all seen on the news and in our lives how life without faith and service to a higher power can cause us to cling on to things that do not matter. We end up creating prisons for ourselves and our families.We are called to set the captives free and give an example to love unfiltered. We are given the example of the women caught in adultery. We were shown that love covers a multitude of wrongs and that we all have fallen short. BOD3Y is a path for anyone stuck in their past. It is a tool that anyone can use to be set free.Kim Woods left a successful business career to pursue the visions for her life. From starting with a small business designed to provide jobs for rehabilitated adults to returning to a business career out of fear to being laid off for the first time to starting another small distributor business, Kim surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. Amen. Through bouts of fear and uncertainty, she had a wilderness experience that helped to focus her efforts to help set the captives free. BOD3Y is not only for Christians; but BOD3Y is also for anyone seeking to be free from a life that is empty, void, and without meaning. Come on now!

--Kimberley Woods