The Brave Little Warrior and the Journey Ahead

The Brave Little Warrior and the Journey Ahead is a story of a little boy and his battle against fear. One day, he wakes up hearing in his heart that God is leading him somewhere. He takes a step of faith on the long road. Armored from his head to his toes, the brave warrior is ready for anything. When the road is longer than expected, he becomes tired and afraid. In these moments, he is shown where his bravery comes from. He finds out who makes him strong when he becomes weak. He learns to do his part by trusting God in every circumstance and use the armor God has given him. He fights the good fight of faith and goes to war with fear.No matter the age, we all battle fear and fear is a lie of the enemy. The good news is Jesus and the truth in God’s Word. He tells us that we are never alone and his plans for us are good. In the good times and the bad, he is with us, turning things around for the greater cause. The road may be longer, sometimes we may come to a screeching halt on the journey and even question if this is the right way, but he is a loving and patient Father. He teaches and leads his children if we will listen and follow. The battle truly begins when we start to believe in his Word and use it to push the enemy out of our lives. There is no battle when we choose to stay in defeat. This book is written to encourage the reader and the listener to walk in faith and stand in the truth in God’s Word.

--Sheyenne Whitaker