The Contradiction Mystery Has Been Solved

For a long time now, there has been a great debate in Christendom as to what is required of a person by God to obtain salvation from him. Is it totally of grace, as some people say, or does it require works as well? Since the Bible seems to talk about both works and grace concerning salvation and since, according to Romans 11, that works and grace are the opposite of each other, it would appear that the Bible is contradicting itself. However, once you come to understand that there is a one true way to interpret the Holy Scriptures, which is one who lives in today’s world has never seen before, then it opens up a whole new understanding as to what the Bible has to say concerning salvation, and that there is no contradiction. And once you know what God truly requires of his people, you can then live your life by this greater, more accurate knowledge to have the salvation of everlasting life given to you someday.

--Brian Gibbons

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