The Coronavirus and The Movement: To the Church and all Humankind It's Time to Fix It

This book is about the issues facing our nation among the races, the economy issues impacted by the coronavirus, and the government by the people and for the people. This book is where God talks to us about these issues, understanding that the way to all solutions is him, by him, and through him, for if we live as one, we can conquer these issues of life and more.Exploring this book, you’ll hear the master speaking to a dying world that needs to remember he died for all these issues. If the people called by him look to him in all things, we can conquer even the things that look impossible, because, with him, all things are possible.All these things are temporary—the inequality and not-so-pleasing situations can be answered through this book. Jesus is the answer for all life issues and humanity issues. Trust him today to lead the way, and he’ll always take us safely every time.There are no issues that we are facing that take him by surprise because he is touched by the feelings of our infirmities. He understands all, sees all, and knows all. Take it all to him, leave it there, and watch God work. He just wants to work and help us in all things. Will you trust him today? Don’t wait for tomorrow. Ask him for what you need, and he’ll surely answer. Trust him, and let him do it, whatever your it is. Jesus wants to be there for all. Give it to him, and leave it there. He so much wants to be in all of life, solving problems. Will you let him? Read, hear, and you’ll understand.

--Joanna Walker-McClain