The Courage to Not Be Controlled: Regaining Power over Life Aagin

Have you ever felt a gnawing on the inside of you that something was not quite right in what was being spoken and or done to you? A frustration or anger, not realizing you were being controlled, manipulated, or abused. Hopefully, this book will shed some insight to the actions and words of others, or even your own. Free yourself from control. Learning to recognize, recalculate, and renovate to bring freedom and healing to your own soul and free others as well, to bring about healthy boundaries for yourself to live a much more productive life. Recognizing the signs or the red flags of your own behavior and speech, or that of others will help you live a life that is more peaceful and filled with contentment and respect. Place healthy boundaries in your life on how you treat yourself and how others treat you. My prayer is that this journey of mine will speak to you.

--Iona Christine Nall