The Day the Telegram Came

As believers, our lives can be turned upside down in an instant by unexpected crises and challenges that can shake our faith, fill us with despair, or radically transform our lives. How we respond to these challenges will be largely dependent upon what we believe, and what we believe will be dependent upon whose voice we choose to listen to. Jesus said that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy but that He came that we might have abundant life. But how do we experience abundant life in the midst of life’s painful struggles?In The Day the Telegram Came, we will take a glimpse into the lives of biblical and modern-day men and women who faced formidable challenges. Each was confronted with a choice—to believe the enemy’s boisterous telegrams of doom, failure, and loss or to believe the promises of the One who came to bring us good news, to open blinded eyes, and to set the captives free. In choosing the latter, each encountered the miraculous and experienced abundant life amid seemingly impossible situations. As you read each account, you too will be challenged to trust God in the midst of your personal season of conflict, pain, and crisis. The choice is yours: telegrams of defeat or words of life—whose report will you believe?

--Annabel Santana