The Edge of Despair

“Word spread quickly, and my store shelves are emptying fast. People are stockpiling, and I’m afraid of what they might do if they become desperate.”

No one in Finley Valley expected to become abruptly isolated from the rest of the western towns along the Blue Mountain trainline, but when a freak avalanche covers a mile of track, that’s exactly what happened. No telegraph service, no mail, and limited food and medical supplies threatened not only their livelihood but played on emotions and fragile feelings.

Anna, Mrs. McAfee, and the entire Monroe family return in this sequel to The Edge of Nowhere, and life has dealt them an unexpected chain of events. While David and Luke are stuck in Lazy Spring, Elisabeth and Anna are just as stuck in Finley Valley, each anxiously wondering when they can reunite. David worries that Elisabeth will deliver their first child without him while an unexpected visitor from Elisabeth’s past creates unsettled feelings.

Luke is faced with an agonizing decision after his limited doctoring skills are questioned, and Anna feels trapped and discouraged when she realizes she can’t get to Lazy Spring to begin renovations on the old boarding house that Professor Higgins gave her so she can start an orphanage. She secretly longs for a commitment from Luke, unaware what challenges he is facing when tragedy forces him to make decisions that might jeopardize their relationship.

Hidden documents found in an abandoned mine hold keys to Finley Valley’s legacy, and the discovery distracts its residents from what could become a desperate situation. Hope, faith, and encouragement go a long way when they learn to pull together as a community.

--Laura Bratcher Goins

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