The End of a Dream

Amir was born in Tehran, Iran, but was not Muslim. His parents sent him to the USA for his higher education, near San Francisco. He obtained a degree in engineering and decided to go back to Iran and marry the girl his mother wanted him to marry.

Aliyeh Zhila was a young woman that was beautiful and talented. She had received a degree in oils and pastels and was twenty-two years old. Aliyeh was in love with Amir. They had a big Zoroastrian wedding. Aliyeh was so excited to be marrying such a worldly man, and their future was in the United States of America.

She had such dreams. Amir told her he would help with her career and she felt like she was floating on air when the plane landed in San Francisco. Now she would have a big house and was excited to see the new home bought for them. She knew her future was going to be wonderful. Aliyeh was in awe at the beautiful home and waiting for her future. She was sure her life would be beautiful...

--W. D. Welch