The Evolution of Me: From Trial to Triumph Through Breast Cancer

This book is an all-in detailed journey through one of life’s most challenging battles. In it, Anastasia provides excellent insight into her journey with breast cancer. She provides helpful hints on how to thrive through the journey, leaning entirely on her faith and her family. Anastasia details the ups and downs through being diagnosed at age thirty-four, a wife and mom to three little ones. Anastasia holds nothing back as she dives into motherhood, friendship, and marriage. With the God-given strength she was given, she shares all of the changes and challenges the cancer journey brings.

I didn’t choose cancer. It chose me, but I did decide what I would do with it. I would lend my voice to the situation. I would encourage, empower, and give hope. I would shine in times of darkness, and I would get up after every fall. - Anastasia Stevenson

--Anastasia R. Stevenson