The Five Powers of FAITH

“The Five Powers of FAITH” is a book about change. Well into his adult life, the author faced up to his own self-defeating thinking, behaviors, and weaknesses. In order to move his life out of the depths of misery and failure, he created an internal guide to re-define, re-prioritize, and re-energize all five aspects of his life – intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and physical. Eventually this guide was crafted in the convenient acronym FAITH, and the five powers were shaped, re-shaped, and eventually became a way of life with far greater results. This book is an opportunity, and invitation, for you to read about a process which really works if you are serious about improving your life. But please accept this warning ahead of time: Real change in any aspect of your life is hard work and requires a solid commitment over time to stay with it. But there is no one else but you who can possibly do this work for you! So, if you want to get under the hood; behind the curtain; and start making real changes on the inside, FAITH will show you the way to greater personal happiness and success.

--James T. Kelly, Ph. D.