The Foggy Road to Moorwick

The writing of this tale, which took so many years, went best on those lovely foggy days when mist welcomed you at dawn and crept quietly up at dusk. I wrote much of this story while waiting for one or the other of my five children at music lessons, religious classes, sports practices or other childhood events. To me a road has always been intriguing, a journey always mysterious and so this path that Margaret McNaughton took back in the late 1880s in Scotland appealed to me. I hope it will be the same to readers. Margaretís yearning to go into the world was not easy to imagine back in her time. It would have been a difficult, dangerous and unpopular path. Her love for her disabled father and her own standards of right and wrong were sometimes obstacles. The people along her way: brother Donal and family, the village characters, Tove McCollum, (once thought a witch), and especially the two Reverends who come to Moorwick to vie for the position of Vicar are all to change her life. The two reverends, young Thompson and mysterious Will McDorn are major factors in her story. I hope this journey of Margaretís, sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying but always leading to a happy ending will appeal to young girls of today. I think there are still some who can imagine and believe in magical things, fairy tales and real true love.

--Jeanine Liston