The Gospel Truth Of The Bible: The Other Sheep

As we look to the Bible for all the answers we need, I discovered that there are two distinct laws, which has caused confusion to almost the whole world, throughout Christendom. These two laws are (1) the Holy Law of God and (2) the Ceremonial laws of Moses.

Scriptures revealed that God gave Moses the instruction to write the Ceremonial laws that were in a book. But God wrote his Holy Law, the Ten Commandments, with his fingers on two tables of stones. Then Godís Law was place inside the Ark of the Covenant. Mosesí laws were on the outside, of the Ark of the Covenant, also within the Most Holy Place of the tabernacle on earth. This earthly tabernacle was a replica of the Heavenly Sanctuary.

Moses laws were contained in the hand-writings of ordinances; as obtained in commandments, which consists of sabbath days, feasts days, holy days, and new moon. None of which had anything to do with the nature of Godís Holy Law, that also contains Godís holy Sabbath-Day, which was designed for us in the atmosphere of worship at creation. Itís these ceremonial laws of Moses that did not make anything perfect. These are the same laws, which were nailed to the cross, and were abolished by Christ death on the cross. They were taken out of the way, through the recompense, of the consequence of sin. Eph. 2:15; Heb. 7:19; Col. 2:14,16; Lev. 1:1-3; Deut. 31:24-26.

Not only is the Holy Law of God eternal, holy, perfect, just, and good, it will stand fast forever and ever. It is called the Royal Law. Christ did not destroy it, but provided it with magnification, of its divine purpose. Godís Law will continue to give the knowledge of sin, because without it there can be no grace. Therefore, the lingering presence of sin will always be the result of transgressing Godís Holy Law. James 2:8; Rom. 3:20; 7:7; Matt 5:7; Heb. 9:4; Psalms 19:7; 111:7,8. And this is the Gospel Truth of the Bible.

--Maurice Caines