The Great Awakening

This story is my testimony of Jesus Christ. It’s a story of a childhood of great tribulation that left me with terrible traumatic issues that generated much pain in me and left me feeling hopeless and wanting to die before coming to know Him.

This story reveals the great awakening I went through when He called me out to bring me to Him. It includes supernatural occurrences such as demonic attacks, powerful dreams and visions, being visited by Him, and how He led me on a path to heal me from all of the terrible things that happened to me.

This story has always been very complicated to simply speak to other believers, and often times, they looked at me like they had no idea what God was doing. I was led by the Holy Spirit to write this story out for His people to read so that they could see His incredible handiwork, love, compassion, and mercy.

He is my greatest love, and this story here is not by me, but it is His story that He wanted to share with everyone He brings it to. My greatest prayer in this is that you might find hope and see light when you are down, and that He would deliver you from all pain and suffering.

There is a reason for why certain things are happening the way they are happening to you in your life. I’ve come to understand that things don’t occur without reason or by accident. He is in complete control of everything in creation. He is guiding us out of all brokenness and pain in ways we will never be able to figure out. He loves His people very much, and so I’d like to share my testimony out of love for you and Him. I pray this testimony is a blessing to you. Amen.

--Justin Ruggles

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