The Heart Intruder: A Collection of Poetry

It is a great blessing that Dr. Charles W. Dingle has embraced the talent given to him by God by writing this book of poetry. His walk with God and insight are evident in his penmanship of each word as he weaves a paragon of beauty and grace with every written verse. His sensitivity to the Spirit is felt in an array of poems that covers a plethora of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Dr. Dingle shows that he is not a one-dimensional writer. He transcends from presenting theological sermons in his role as a pastor, teacher, and ecclesiastical leader to a Renaissance man full of love and compassion as he addresses matters of the heart with tenderness and skill. These matters of the heart truly blessed him not only as a fellow theologian but as a lover of God’s Word. Dr. Dingle was able to capture the essence of the love of Christ and put it in a form that embodies that love on every level for all that will have the distinct blessing of reading this book of poetry.—Dr. Stanley RobertsPastor

--Dr. Charles Dingle