The Heart of the Mountain A Warrior's Way, Book 1

Young Peter is about to face the greatest challenges of his life. A season of peace has given him and his family a false sense of security. But indeed, a grave enemy has been lying in wait to kill Peter and all that he holds dear. When peace turns to violence, Peter’s world spirals out of control. Each step he takes seems to be in the wrong direction. Yet even in his darkest moments, he can hear the heartbeat of the Great King. Did Peter choose the quest, or did the quest choose him? One may never know, yet it will shape his life and the lives of all he meets along the way. This quest is one of redemption and faith. It is a quest for the heart of the mountain. Jesus paid a high price for us to walk in the power of the Spirit. This book gives you a glimpse into the realm of the Spirit, exposing the cost of passive Christianity. Let us run this race as one who will win the prize, truly laying hold of the gospel with all that we are. “Walking by faith and not by sight” (Matthew 10:7–8).

--Marcus Girod

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