The Last Resort: A Step Back in Time

The Last Resort, a step back in time, is the story of two teenagers coming home from college and stumbling upon a unique 1904 historic inn. Nestled in the woods of southwest Michigan, they fell in love with it in the twenty short minutes it took to look around with the handyman.Fourteen years later, God mysteriously led them back. Did he purposely bring them there on the exact day when the fourth owners needed to sell it? Had he prepared them for a time such as this?Married and the parents of two, they had to make a choice. Could their family life and summers during school breaks be spent serving others instead of relaxing themselves? Were they willing to commute from another state where they lived and worked in order to wait on other people while they vacationed? Could they afford the financial risk and personal time and desire to do this?What did a teacher and a lawyer know about the hospitality business, lodging of families, and preparing three meals a day for an R&R-seeking crowd? See what happens and how it turned out.

--Susan Burt Wojcik