The Lies

The fragrance of the gun mixed with the pungency of the Crown Royal in his glass almost nauseated him as much as the lie he had sold out to. Holden Jeffries has all he has ever dreamed, yet lately it is hollow. A broken man on the edge of the end, he finds himself incapable of pulling the trigger. Disgusted with his weakness, another plan to end his life emerges. Holden obtains a new identity, forges documents, flips a canoe, and escapes for freedom. “The Lies” enters the private lives, thoughts, and insights of the victims in the wake of a harmless plan to bequeath his corporate world to the next in line. Holden’s exit from fame and fortune to insignificance changes his life and the lives of the people entwined in those choices. His selfish plot leads both believers and cynics to question every aspect of their story, faith, and convictions. Each deceptive inner voice, with its darkness and lies, challenges everything God wants understood about life and the world served. Even the best self at times betrays the spirit within. In life, it becomes evident there is rarely a clear perception of the stakes involved.“The Lies” reveals that “the lost” are not always who we believe them to be, and “redemption” often centers less on religion and more on what is true.

--J. Michael Koppen