The Long Journey Home: A Love Story in Dementia

In The Long Journey Home, Pastor Burgess who, with his wife Carol, invited people to journey with them on tours to various locations in the world, now invites you and me to join them in their final tour, as Carol takes The Long Journey Home with Pastor Burgess right by her side all the way home. Discover what he means as he comments in his book, “No matter how much we try to prepare for the loss of a loved one, we should expect our souls to hurt, perhaps even to the point of devastation,” yet “there is a living hope even in the darkest moments of our lives. Join Pastor Burgess on The Long Journey Home as Carol’s husband, caregiver, friend, and pastor as he discovers a deeper kind of love for Carol that he never knew as it grew and blossomed from a “living faith and hope” in the promises of a loving God. The truths you will learn on this journey will bless you so that you too can be a greater blessing in the lives of your loved ones. —Rev. Galen Gruelke, officiating pastor at Carol’s funeral and intermentSuch a heartwarming story! A must read. The author tenderly takes us on a journey through his wife’s devastating diagnosis to their final goodbye. This story is meant for you if you’re in a committed relationship or if you are a person of faith. —Suzanne Williams, with her daughter Erinne, introduced in chapter 12

--David Burgess